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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Euro Musik

Well I had a good weekend away visiting Gieslingen an der Steige. This is my girlfriends hometown, and we went to stay with her parents, with the main activity being two parties I attend on Friday and Saturday night. The typical German party is a bit more civilized then I have come accustomed to in my young years. It traditionally begins with a meal of several courses followed by long conversation around the dinner table over the traditional after dinner shots of schnapps and many glasses of wine. This is a common theme in all parties I have been to here, even at a young age.

Of course it would not be a party without music, but the European party music tends to be a bit different compared to what we have back in Cali. Lets just say that if any man got caught listening to and enjoying some of the European party music that their sexuality would be questioned and also more seriously their tastes. This includes some of the music put out lately by the groups O-Zone (Romania), 3rd Wish (Florida), or Aventura (NYC based Dominicans). All of this music is a mix of guitars and techno beats, lyrics about love in foreign tongues, and a catchy melody that Euros cant get enough of. I happen to know about this Euro Music because one of the only two English based TV channels is MTv (the other being CNN) so I get to bathe in this crap daily.

If you aren’t into the European Scheiße-Pop you can go with some German hip-hop from the likes of Fantastisch Vier, Sammy Delux, or Sido. This rapper Sido has to be the most eccentric German rapper of all. He is never seen without a silver mask on, in one video walks naked women wearing dog muzzles and on leashes through a club, and in every public appearance is throwing 50 euro bills, or “fluffies” as they are called in Germany, everywhere around him. German Hip-Hop to say the least is, very interesting. If you have some extra time around the computer give some of the above artists a download to hear what my drums have been picking up lately. I am sure all of you at home will be amused, but strangely I think my ears have actually tuned into this crap.

One of the funniest things about the music here in Europe is that there is a large amount of American music that is very popular here that never gets heard in the USA. Have you ever heard of the two American artists I have listed above, or a guy by the name of Eamon (NYC) that has had a few number ones here? I know I never had.

Bis spatter!


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