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Friday, January 21, 2005

Another day another pretzel….

Well back in Germany again, and back to wearing my shoes down. After a long flight through the wonderful city of Charlotte, North Carolina, (where I drank a Miller Light and watched NASCAR highlights) I arrived in Frankfurt on a plane that was, I would guess, half full of our boys on their way to Iraq. Feeling quite happy at that point that I was not on a connecting flight to the desert, I met with my girlfriend after walking through customs with not even a question thrown my way.

The flight allowed a bit of time for me to sit back and think about my coming months, and reflect on the past few weeks. As mentioned in my previous blog, I experienced quite a bit of reverse culture shock on my way back into San Francisco. For a week or so, everything was just weird. The strangest thing was that I had by far the worst case of jet lag I had ever experienced. The second was the fact that I had a car to take me wherever I needed to go, and gas that was affordable. The third through the hundredth shock waves would take just too long to go through. After a week of holiday parties, nights at Cue N’ Brew, long talks with my mom, and the usual rounds through Martinez, I was right back where I was before I left.

I became so comfortable in fact that I had feelings of confusion and sorrow as I stepped on the plane. I can honestly say that this was the FIRST TIME I have had these feelings when heading to a far off land. I understand these feelings now as I write these words, but they were a puzzle to me at the time.

The fact is that I finally realized upon going home how different my life is here in Germany. Here is an example that has entered my had at this moment. As I typed the word Germany in the last sentence, I actually typed the word Germanz, because the y and the z are reversed on the Germen keyboard I use at work. To team up with the keyboard, we have the fact that I walk everywhere here, I actually have started to read everyday, I wear a big, fat, thick coat everywhere, and I conduct my daily conversations in a language that sounds to Americans as if I’m choking on a cheeseburger.

But as many of you are thinking at this moment, not all of these things decrease my standard of living. If I make a list, which I wont, I can probably think of as many advantages to my life here as the disadvantages that make my daily life harder. If I were to start the list, which I won’t, the number one reason is that I get to see the love of my life, Anke Wiesmann, on a regular basis. And now that I think about it, the German pretzels aren’t bad either!

Well I will keep you abreast of my thoughts as my time passes here, and I hope to hear about what is going on back in the convenient land of California.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy fella!

good work on the blog, it makes interesting readin whilst at work! you want to get your knowledgable ass writin for a magazine or newspaper or sumthin!

Anke owes you for that bit of charm!!

See you in the not too distant future!

6:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad that you made your way to Germany!
Ich liebe dich auch.


3:36 PM


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