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Monday, January 24, 2005

Well, well, well,

You never can tell what will happen on any given day. That is in my opinion one of the finest facets of life. Spontaneity has always been one of my most favorite attributes. As predictable as my girlfriend says that I am, I have always thought of myself as a “on the seat of my pants” type of guy. You know, the type of person that is poised to make decisions that are not always viewed to be the best considering the present situation, but contain that feeling of fulfillment, adventure, and sometimes randomness. Finding these simple ways to lead life away from that “perfectly coiled ball of yarn dimension” is what makes me wake up and start the kettle in the morning.

I can tell you that my life has grown away from this mindset sense setting my bags down in Germany. That is ironic for it was this individually accepted wisdom that got me here in the first place. Those moments that were oh so common through my years in Martinez and San Diego, have not come to pass as often these days. For example the most stimulating twist in my life today was the fact that I stepped of the train tonight in Lohr, only to be welcomed with a perfectly timed snow storm that accompanied me on my walk home.

My question that I asked myself on this fast paced walk through the cobble stone streets of the town, over the flooded river Main, and up the hill to my warm basement apartment, was “Does life get more predictable and unsurprising as you extend your years, or are these thoughts the child of a pace of life much slower then I am accustom to, and the onslaught of my coming 25th birthday?” I know, I know, most of you will say I am still a very young man in a place and situation that not most Americans from my generation will ever get to, or consider experiencing. I agree with this self thought out rebuttal, but still life just is not the same anymore.

I think I have a case of the post college blues…..

This is funny because I foiled a plan of my girlfriends to make my life more spontaneous this weekend. This was not intentional sabotage on her plan, but just one of those things in life that occasionally works its way into the events of the day that ends up throwing a wrench in things.

There is a band here called Die Fantastich Vier. They are a German hip hop act that I can only compare as to being the German equivalent to the Beastie Boys. As we walked through the streets of Karlsruhe on Saturday afternoon I spotted an advertisement announcing their arrival to the local concert hall. We tried to get tickets to a show last December but it just didn’t work out. Immediately after seeing the advertisement I proceeded to walk to the ticket office in a building down the street to inquire about tickets.

After Anke figured out what I intended to do she tried to convince me that she had already checked out the show, and that it was sold out. As in the fashion that I always tend to lead my life, I proceeded not to believe her and walked to the ticket counter to ask about the show. I have had problems with not believing people on simple facets of life since I was a little kid. My mom once told me when I was 3 or 4 that if I touched the stove while it was on that it would hurt, so in turn this was something I just should not do. Of course this made my interest in the stove increase ten fold and not being able to fight back the temptation, 20 minutes later I was screaming in pain after touching the red hot stove.

Upon arriving at the ticket counter I asked the Fabio look alike clerk about the show. Anke pushed me aside and tried to quietly convince him to do her a favor and tell me that the show was sold out, forgetting the fact that I understand quite a bit of German these days. Fabio refused to consent with her request and informed me that there was plenty of tickets left to the show.

At this point she broke down and informed me that she had already purchased 2 tickets to the show and intended to give them to me for my birthday. Boy, did I feel stupid. She did not forgive me for my over inflated curiosity for the rest of the day. Mabey next time when I am given a question about a subject of unfamiliarity to me I should just except it as the truth, and move on.

I just don’t see that happening.

I leave you with two pieces of advice from this blog entry: Don’t ever be hesitant to do anything that you want to because it dose not make complete sense, and don’t directly or indirectly EVER foil a plan of your sigificant other. Both actions could lead to a serious change in your enjoyment of life!

Quote of the day:

Nichts gewagt, nichts gewonnen! (Nothing ventured, nothing gained!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Third piece of advice: just believe what your girlfriend tells you! :-)

However, we will still see "Die Fantastischen Vier"!


3:19 PM


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