From the Land of Sand, Sun, and Burittos to das Land auf Wald, Schnee und Bratwurst.....

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

-15° and Falling

Celsius that is. It was so cold on my walk this morning to work that I thought my ears were going to fall off. Maybe I should invest in a new beanie or headband or something? When we transfer this temperature into the completely illogical English measuring system this equates into 9° Fahrenheit. This temperature does not sound as shocking as the -15°, but believe me 9° is still dam cold for a warm blooded Californian!

It is today March 1st, which in California usually means that the flip flops are starting to fill the shelves at Rite-Aid, the girls are breaking out the short skirts, and the first trips to the beach are being made. But as far as I can tell, March 1st in Germany means that winter is still fully upon us. I am still in my scarf, gloves, thick pants and overcoat every time I have to leave the house, I have not seen any skin sense September, and beach?? Maybe I can find one in the middle of the forest that I live in?

SUCKS! But what can you do, it is all part of the abroad experience!

I have not wrote in a while because to be honest, nothing very exciting has been going on. Just living, eating sleeping, breathing, and walking like the rest of you. (Well I am probably walking more then the rest of you since I don’t have a car!) Life has become normal, which is just a nice way of saying boring and mundane. This weekend should prove to provide some excitement as I am going skiing in Austria at St. Anton. . I will clue you in on that next week!

Even though I am looking forward to the weekend in the Alps, I need a vacation somewhere warm!


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