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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

March Madness…

I am not talking about the basketball tournament that I am not getting to see at the moment. I am referring to a more natural theme in my writing. The environment has been doing strange things here in old Europe over the last two weeks. After having three straight weeks of sub-freezing temperatures, Mother Nature turned the Spring switch on last Tuesday and now the birds are singing, the shorts are coming out of the closet, but most important of all, the local Biergarten is now open. It has been getting up into the mid 60’s Fahrenheit, which will sound like a cold day to you back in Cali, but this is a warm March day for this part of the world.

I have been keeping pretty busy lately, and it dose not look like it is going to get any more relaxed until the end of May. I have been so busy, I have not had any time to even sit down and write you a story or two. Lets see, to be brief:

I went skiing in Austria, which was some of the best skiing I have ever done. I hurt my foot because of the stupid rental ski boots and I am still limping around today.

I had an “Assessment Center” for a job within Bosch on March 10th. This was a day long interview / activity day with 60 participants coming together for two positions. All in German. It was a very interesting experience, and to say the least, my German just was not up to par.

I celebrated my birthday in Munich with my friend Adriane and his basketball team at a very LAish club.

And this last weekend I went to visit a few friends at a private university in the Reihngau region of Germany, which is basically Germany’s Napa Valley. It was absolutely beautiful!

My mother is coming on Friday. We are going to drive all over the south of Germany, and then on to Prauge, Czech Republic. I am greatly anticipating her arrival, as you can imagine. We are going to enjoy the long 4 day Easter weekend. The whole country here shuts down for 4 days. I will be sure to return from this trip with a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment!

Bis dann,


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