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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Clock goes “Tick Toc”

Well the days are finally upon me. Not the days of new, the days of old, or the days reckoning, but the days that will determine whether this chapter of my life is still being written, or if the plot will soon return to it’s familiar ground of California. As of today I have only 6 weeks left on my visa here in Germany. I have been searching for work for the past few months, but there has yet to be any luck on that front.

The economy is not great here in Germany, where unemployment has increased every quarter since I have arrived to a now post WWII high of over 12%. Not the best conditions to find a job here for any recent graduate, let alone a Yankee. An even deeper problem lies within the availability of jobs within the field of Marketing. The market is was oversaturated here in Germany with new graduates with Marketing as their major subject. Most of my fellow German interns here within Marketing have been forced to stay unemployed or take jobs in other fields of the business world.

What can I do you may ask?

No answers as of yet, but I am making a last dash attempt this week to find employment before it is too late to plan my voyage back over the Atlantic, away from the lush green landscape of Deutschland, to the warm dry hills and valleys of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I will keep you updated on the search…


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